what up im prom im 18 and i never fuckin learned how to read

hi!!! i'm prompto, but you can call me prom!

i'm 18, and i use he or they pronouns!

i'm filipino & japanese (not half).

i really love making friends! feel free to talk to me whenever!!

( current interests → !! idolish7 !!, ffxv, b-project, p5, music games in general )


please warn me for:

please don't follow if:


literally me:


※ please don't interact if you're a double!!

i have many, but these are the main ones! may fluctuate!


can get tweet heavy (i like to talk)!!

i have ids, and they're very important to me! i'll try to keep most of the talk to my private twitter, though.

i'm not neurotypical but i will save all that for my private!

i usually follow back within a day or so if we share interests; however, i may also unfollow within a few days if not followed back (i like to restrict my feed to mutuals only).

please like my personal tweets if you can! i generally like others' out of courtesy, too, if requested!