c'mon baby maybe baby face;
your beauty shines so bright
hi!!! i'm prompto, but you can call me prom!

i'm 18! i'm bigender (male & female), and i use he/they pronouns!

i'm filipino and japanese (not half)!

i'm not neurotypical, but i'll save that talk for my priv!

i really love making friends!!! please feel free to talk to me whenever!

current interestsidolish7 !!, ffxv, b-pro, banyaro, kakupri, p5, music games in general

please warn me for:

please don't follow if:

i try really hard to remember to warn people for anything they need, but sometimes i might forget! please let me know if you need something warned for!



※ please don't interact if you're a double!!

i have many, but these are the main ones! may fluctuate!

twitter: @6gravity

priv: (available if we've interacted a lot!)

discord: riku#1354 (free for mutuals to add; please let me know who you are!)

game ids: