prom. → fading memory.
the long-standing core of the system.
  • bigender. male & female (3:1)
    • he/him ; they/them
  • 18
  • fronting OK!
a sunny, bright young man with a cheerful disposition. usually tasked with taking care of daily life. a little shy, but loves making friends! interaction is encouraged!

main lives :: prompto argentum (ffxv), nanase riku (i7), roxas (kh), gaius (fe:a), nanami chiaki (sdr2), todoroki shouto (bnha), teramitsu haruhi (bpro)

* most, if not all lives are listed here (link wip).

NH-01987. → darling machine.
facet; still prom, in his entirety, but certainly not his state of grace.
  • bigender. male & female (1:1)
    • claims not to care about pronouns, but will not react well to it/its
  • regressed to 15
  • if fronting, do take care
    • nona is likely nearby. nh-01987 will seek them out at a moment's notice.
nearly mute; does not, and will not speak to others unless prompted to. unresponsive to most people, save his "master," nona. tends to reject all semblances and suggestion of a name and identity of his own. a magitek trooper, and the chancellor's, at that.

main lives :: mt prompto (ffxv), lapis lazuli (su), nito nazuna (e/s)

goldia. → milk and honey.
facet; still prom, but arguably not in his entirety.
  • bigender. male & female (3:1)
    • prefers he/him, but won't really get upset if you use she/her or they/them.
  • 9
  • fronting OK, but preferable if accompanied!
a sweet young boy who thinks nothing but good of the world. idealistic, highly affectionate, and especially attached to his elder siblings. he struggles to remember many things, and thus may not be able to recognize friends right away.

main lives :: pre-canon nanase riku (i7), goldia die hielige (pm), pre-canon korekuni ryuuji (b-pro)

e. → fairy go!
secret lovesick.
roman. → fairy go!
secret lovesick.
jun. → fairy go!
secret lovesick.
astra. → fairy go!
secret lovesick.
nona. → fairy go!
secret lovesick.