prompto / 18 / he

i told myself i couldn't die. not until i could see you and hear you tell me i'm not a fake; that i'm the real me.


hi!!! i'm prompto, but you can call me prom!

i'm 18, and my birthday is july 21st!

i'm bigender (male/female; 3:1)! i use he/him or they/them pronouns!

i'm filipino and japanese (not half).

i'll be cheering you on, too. please don't ever forget me.

before you follow.

don't follow if:
  • you fit standard dnfi criteria (i.e. racist, homophobic, transphobic, ableist, etc.)
  • you support abuse of any kind.
  • you id with prompto argentum, or any of my literally me/primary ids
    • ask to follow if we share one of my secondary ids
  • you will not warn for my blacklist below
please never mention:
  • k i d n a p p i n g
  • d * m * n t i a
  • z*ro esc*pe
  • the names 'cl*ver' 'l*ly' or 's*bs'
  • beetles, worms, wasps


i'm prompto argentum!

(work in progress.)


i am an abuse/csa victim, and a trauma survivor. don't ask for more on that unless we're close.

sometimes i hide some IDs due to heavily personal reasons. you are free to ask about this if you want, but i may not answer.

i'm sick. my situation is complicated, but while i don't have an official recorded diagnosis for any of these, they have all been professionally assessed and recognized.

  • bpd
  • c-ptsd
  • bipolar
  • schizophrenia
  • psychosis
  • delusions
  • did
  • adhd
i'm not on medication. i do sometimes receive therapy, but sessions are unfortunately few and far between.

physical conditions:

  • i'm anemic; i get very drowsy and require lots of red meat. i also get very woozy when i lose significant amounts of blood.
  • my ankles have been broken so many times they no longer heal correctly. this causes clicking and pain with excess physical activity.
  • my collarbone has been broken once, and did not properly heal. i will sometimes feel a sharp pain from it that can stun me for a minute or so.
  • i have significant difficulty hearing out of my left ear. for personal circustances, this is not noted as an official recorded diagnosis. i don't use any assistive devices.
  • i do not consider myself disabled. do NOT refer to me as such.